Let the people take over their financial independence

What is FREGON Token?

Let the people take over their financial independence
FREGON is an open-source project aiming to “ redistribute power from unaccountable structures to individuals’ benefits “ – creating a more secure, transparent and fair society to benefit each and everyone
500 billion Fregon coins were burnt at the launch. An additional 4.7 billion Fregon have been locked into a digi-locker for the safety of the community.
Overall, about 50% of Fregon’s total supply went to the burn wallet, with the remaining 50% being split among investors.

A Community Based Token

Within the fast-changing cryptocurrency market, it doesn’t take long to acknowledge potential risks involved during any transactions. Risks are not inclined towards market volatility but rather towards scams. Cryptocurrency market/ exchanges are as exposed to scams as any other online activity.
Therefore, a community-based token- Fregon is designed to end cryptocurrency scams and give people the power of their own financial independence.


  • 50% burn
  • Supply 1 trillion
  • LP lock Closed and burn forever

What Stage are we at?

Phase 1 Website Launch
Listing pancake swap, 100%LP lock and burn, Stealth launch,Building community 1000 holders, Marketing promotions
Phase 2 CG/CMC listing
Website new interface, FREGON swap, NFT Marketplace, NFT Staking, Massive influencer/marketing promotion, Build community 5000 holders
Phase 3 FREGON merch
FREGON merch, Intensive marketing promotions, Build community 100,00 holders
Phase 4 New roadmap
Non stop marketing campaigns, DEX listing, Cex listings, New roadmap

Benefits of FREGON tokens holders

Original Supply

1 trillion FREGON Fully community owned

Token Burnt

50% of the total tokens were burnt at launch

Locked Amount

4.7% of the total supply is locked on a wallet

Contract address


FREGON token Structure

Distributed among holders

Founders of FREGON

Founded by an anonymous person with the wallet address of “0x482Dc30Ea91128Eb48Cc8A97FfD1F42702897f74″, he left his holding to make it entirely transparent for the community and to secure it from any frauds or scams. He has no holding any longer.
The token is entirely in the hand of the community (web developers, early investors, believers) who have the zeal and determination to grow and establish the token for individual seeking financial independence.

Where can you find us